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  • Trademark Filed with the United States Patent & Tradmeark Office
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94% chance of registering a trademark with our premium package

Our Simple 3-Step Process

You only have to fill out an online brief form, and we’ll take it from there.

1. Choose a package

Fill out our online questionnaire and pay for the package/service level that meets your budget and requirement. Need help? Just message us or call.

2. We begin paperwork

A trademark attorney performs a trademark search and prepares your tradmeark application. Then, our team follows up with a trademark clearance report.

3. Filing your trademark

We file your trademark application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office after you've paid us the filing fee. You get a serial number upon filing.

Choose a Package

Basic Package


+ federal filing fees

Fill out our simple form with relevant queries related to your trademark

  • Trademark clearance by an experienced trademark specialist

  • Basic trademark search of your mark to check if it’s available

  • Complete report with application details for your record

  • Electronic filing of your trademark application with the USPTO

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Deluxe Package


+ federal filing fees

Get the most out of our trademark registration service if you’re on a budget

  • Trademark clearance by an experienced trademark attorney to minimize chances of rejection

  • Full research, filing and monitoring of your trademark application

  • Complete satisfaction guarantee by our legal team

  • Cease-and-desist letter upon infringement

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Premium Package


+ federal filing fees

Everything included in the Deluxe package, plus:

  • Trademark Clearance by a team of experienced trademark attorneys. Highly increases the chances of trademark application approval.

  • Trademark research, preparation, and filing with the USPTO.

  • Refusal Risk Meter representing the chances of your application approval

  • Trademark monitoring for 1 year after trademark registration

  • 24-hour fast processing of your trademark application

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Why Protect Your
Intellectual Property

Exclusive Rights

The owner of registered trademark enjoys exclusive right over registered business name, logo, or slogan.

Create Intangible Asset

Own an asset that can be sold, assigned, franchised or commercially contracted with a value that appreciates overtime.

Federal Protection

Without trademark protection, it is easy for others to freeride on the value you have created with your brand.

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Join the ranks of our satisfied clients and let Trademark Stellar help you register your trademarks. Our trademark registration service was designed specifically to help you register your brand as easily, efficiently, and affordably as possible.

Trademark Registration FAQs

Still have a question? We’d love to help! Call us or Chat with one of our experts now.

  • What is a trademark?

    A trademark protects specific, unique name, logo, and symbols pertaining to your products or business brand.

    Trademark protection may apply to business names, symbols, logos, sounds, and even colors that are emblematic of one specific brand. Once registered, a registrant can typically start using the ® symbol after the name, logo or slogan.

  • What do you mean by unique symbols?
  • Why is trademark registration important?
  • Why should I get a trademark?
  • Who can qualify for trademark registration?
  • When should I consider trademark protection for my brand?
  • What could I do if my trademark is already in use?
  • Do I need an attorney to file my trademark application?
  • Are you a legal firm?
  • How long will it take for my mark to register?
  • What’s the difference between copyright, patent and trademark?
  • How long will the federal trademark registration last?

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